Composite Door Maintenance Guide

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Homeowner Responsibilities

As the homeowner there are certain responsibilities that you have regarding the care and maintenance of your composite door. Please find below the maintenance steps that must be followed at all times:

1. Ensure the door is double locked with every single operation
This is the most common cause of doors warping or catching – as per manufacturer guidelines the door must be double locked with every operation. This means throwing the handle up on lever handle locks to ensure the hooks at the top and bottom are always pulled tight into the frame. For wind-up locks (locks that are key only e.g. with designer handles) the cylinder must always be would up twice to engage the hooks. Failure to do this can result in the door leaf kicking out at the top and bottom which can cause operation issues. (N.B – doors with a heritage locking system do not require this as the hooks throw automatically).
If you have not been doing this, it is unlikely an engineer visit is required. Please allow 3-4 weeks of operation with the door being double locked every time and there the issue will likely resolve itself as the leaf moves back to its natural state. If after this time the problem persists, please contact us again.

2. The threshold is kept clean and free from debris
If the door seems to catch or the rubber seals at the bottom are torn/frayed, please ensure that the threshold is free from debris. As people step on the threshold every day they are prone to collecting dirt and debris, and it is your responsibility to ensure this does not build up and is cleaned regularly.

3. The cylinder has been lubricated and is free from debris
If the lock seems stiff or troublesome it must be lubricated before an engineer visit as the cause could simply be some debris inside the lock that has transferred from a key. Do not use WD40, we recommend a professional lock lubricant such as the one our sister company Euro Secure provide.

Thermal & Seasonal Movement

Any composite door can experience thermal movement (more likely on timber composite doors) which is normal – the movement is seasonal also so more noticeable during Winter/Summer months.

For example, the door may operate slightly differently when the cold Winter months arrive, but as the weather gets gradually warmer around March time this will subside again. Similarly, in the hottest Summer months the door may operate slightly differently again, but again this will subside.

Many customers feel this is an installation issue that warrants a service call, however this is usually not the case. An engineer visit in these instances can actually do more harm that good, as all we can do is adjust the keeps to align with the slight temporary movement of the door. Once this is done, it will be required again in a few months with the seasonal change, and a vicious cycle is created that would be be required if the door was left in its original state.

The key is to ensure that the door is double locked with every operation, as not doing this is the biggest cause of doors moving at the top and bottom. If this is adhered to, any movement is minimal and will not affect the operation to a degree the homeowner has trouble using the door.

Wear and Tear

Certain aspects of the door are deemed as fair wear and tear of everyday use and are not covered by a site visit under the terms of our guarantee. In these instances, replacement parts can usually be provided free of charge for the homeowner to replace themselves. These include, but are not limited to:

1. Door drips working loose on the bottom of the door
2. End caps falling off the end of the weather bar and cills
3. Door re alignment, miscellaneous screw re tightening, lubrication etc. where the door has been in use for a period in excess of twelve months –
4. Electrical handles (such as the Yale Key free) have a product guarantee of 12 months. After this period, it is the responsibility of the customer to contact Yale direct who can offer assistance with any issues or queries.

Arranging Service Calls

In the majority of cases, if the above guidelines are followed you will have many years happy use from your composite door. In rare cases, an inherit product or installation fault may exist which requires a remedial visit by a service engineer. In this case, once you have reported the issue (with supporting photo/video and detailed description of the issue) we will contact you to arrange a service call.

Please ensure that all of the above have been read, understood and followed before arranging the service call. In the event no product or installation fault is found, the homeowner will be liable for a call out charge. You can find the full details of these charges and conditions in our terms and conditions under the section ‘Wasted Visit Charges