Composite Door Variations

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Narrow Doors and Wide Doors

Finsbury Traditional DoorDid you know that the smallest doors are often found in older style cottages or period houses? This is because that over the generations the average size of humans have changed somewhat so entrances to buildings have changed also.

Wider composite doors would be required more for allowing wheelchair access or maybe required for allowing for larger items such as large sofa’s beds etc. to pass through. To widen an existing door a new lintel maybe required so you may need the experience of a qualified builder to carry out the work prior to installing your Composite Door.

Narrow composite doors are usually installed where space is a problem or where a house has been converted into two properties. Narrow Composite doors will be limited to door styles and designs so best check before ordering.

Let there be light!

Composite doors with top lites are more common in older style properties such as Victorian or Georgian because of the high ceilings internally and were designed to let more light through to narrow dark hallways.

Designer Door Styles with HandlesInstalling fully glazed or half glazed side lites with your composite door is a way of filling in a wider than usual front entrance often called Combination installations, installing a combination framed composite door set could give a massive wow factor to the front entrance of any home providing there is enough space. Often a combination composite door could have both side lites and a top lite. Some composite doors can have matching composite side lites, these are simply full doors cut in half and are housed in an outer UPVC frame and can come solid or glazed with decorative or obscure glazing.

Solid or Traditional Doors

Solid composite doors that is doors without glass can come in the Traditional style or Cottage style door and are ideal if the customer is more conscious of security and glass being broken. Half glazed composite doors are more commonly used for rear or back entrance doors enabling lite to come into the kitchen or utility room, Stable doors are another option for half glazed with the top half being able to open whilst the bottom half stays locked ideal to keep pets and children in the home.


Porches or Storm Porches are an ideal way of creating extra space and a barrier if you have an existing door that you just step in from the street or garden. By building a porch and adding another door entrance you are creating an even more secure barrier from your home to the outside world and it will also give your home better insulation. Most porches will not need planning permission as long as don’t exceed 3 square metres, however it is always safe to check with your local planning office.

You can have a Composite door with side flag windows also, these are windows that sit on brickwork either side of your Composite Door and can be narrow or wide fixed or with an opening vent and come in various heights, these too can combine with top lites also.

Composite Door CompanyDoor and a half

Offset or door and half composite doors are an ideal way to have a main door that’s used most of the time with the option of opening up the half door when needed to bring larger items into the home, also sometimes called French composite doors these do have minimum and maximum sizes and can come with combination side and top lites also.

Door styles to suit every property

Traditional, contemporary and cottage style composite doors ensure you have a choice and range of doors that will compliment every style of property so take your time when choosing a door to make sure you get one that will go with the style of property, choosing the correct colour also is as important. People ask if Timber outer frames can come with a Composite door and the answer is yes, you will find that many new house builders will opt for this combination, however the majority of composite doors are manufactured with maintenance free UPVC frames.

What does “Composite” mean?

The word “composite” means that something is made of various materials and Composite doors will come with either GRP, Thermal Plastic or Metal door skins.
The doors can have a multi chambered, HDF (High Density Foam) or Timber inner core giving various strengths, security, noise reduction and thermal insulation, again do your research to find out what type of manufactured Composite door would suit your lifestyle.

Fixed or adjustable hinges?

Hinges on a Composite door can come either with Fixed Hinges or Adjustable hinges, by using a Fixed hinge the installation would rely on heavily the door being installed perfectly square as there will be no adjustment if the door is slightly of line which could mean that the locks will not work properly. By having Adjustable hinges there is a small scope for lining the door up in the frame square even if the door has been installed slightly out of square.

Ingot KnockerChoice of door furniture

All composite doors come with a choice of door furniture, Lever handles, Pad handle, Finger Pulls, Pull Knobs are just some of the ways a Composite Door can be operated with and all of these items can come in various finishes also such as Chrome, Satin, Gold, Black and White.

If you are struggling with internal space you can choose for your Composite Door to open outwards and a restrictor hinge can be fitted to prevent the wind catching the door as without a restrictor the wind could catch the door and pull it off its hinges.

Doors for security

If you require extra security why not opt for a Composite Door which has a SPLIT SPINDLE handle operation, having one of these would mean that even though you have not locked your door nobody can open it from the outside unless a key is inserted to the cylinder and the latch is released. A straight spindle is usually used for back doors enabling to door to remain accessible until the multi point lock is thrown and the key has secured the locks into place.

FD30s Fire Doors

FD30s Composite Fire Doors are predominantly used in flats but can be used in any dwelling where the risk of fire spreading is a possibility. Building Regulations for instance will demand that a FD30s Fire Door should be installed if access to a garage is from the home. FD30s Composite fire doors will come with a self-closing device such as and overhead arm closer or Perko chain door closer located in the door edge and frame. FD means Fire Door 30 means Minimum minuets of time the door will have before failing in case of a fire and S means that the door will have sufficient Intumescent smoke seals again preventing smoke inhalation becoming a danger also.