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Composite Door Hardware

Traditional and contemporary door hardware styles.

Composite Door Handle

All CompositeDoorShop doors are supplied with Quality hardware including Fab’n’Fix and Yale. This long-lasting hardware has passed tests with superior results in damage resistance and longevity. Not only is the composite door hardware long lasting, it is also attractive and ergonomic.  

Hardware options

The composite door hardware is available in five different finishes. Choose from Gold, Chrome/Silver, Graphite Chrome, White or Black to suit your door style and property. 

Contemporary Door Hardware

Composite Door Handles

Easy-to-grip ergonomic handles offer smooth operation every time. Colour coordinated screw heads mean the fixings don’t distract or stand out from the rest of the furniture. Care instructions supplied, so homeowners can keep the furniture looking good throughout the life of the composite door.

Standar Door Handles

  • Lever/Lever Composite Door Handles –  Lever/Lever door handles offer a lever on each side and allow for the door to be op
    ened without a key, unless the deadbolt has been locked. This is the normal handle for back doors, but some people prefer this design for their front door too.
  • Lever/Pad Composite Door Handles – Lever/Pad door handles offer a lever handle on the inside and a pad handle on the outside. The door can be opened without a key from the inside if the deadbolt is not locked, but a key is required from the outside regardless of whether the deadbolt is locked or not.
  • Offset Lever/Lever Composite Door Handles – Offset Lever/Lever door handles have a lever handle on each side, but function the same way as Lever/Pad door handles. The offset lever/lever handles are the standard for front doors

Front Door Hardware

  • Letter plates – letter plates are suited to match the rest of your front door furniture.
  • Urn + spyhole – the urn + spyhole option gives a Victorian-style urn knocker to the front of the door, with a spyhole discreetly built in to the design. 
  • Urn – a Victorian-style urn front door knocker, suited to match the rest of the hardware. No spyhole.
  • Spyhole – a small spyhole built-in, without a front door knocker.
Designer Door Hardware
Gold handle & Letter Box
Ingot Knocker
Black Door Ring Knocker