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Composite Door Security

By choosing the Secured Upgrade your door would be manufactured to tests that involve a much greater level of attack. Using more force ensures products are meeting a higher standard of security and provides vital assurance to the consumer.

The Secured Upgrade uses innovations in security design to help improve composite door security features and reduce crime. This supports one of the UK Governments key planning objectives – to create secure, safe and quality places where people wish to live and work.

Research shows that products that have had the Security Upgrade features fitted can reduce criminal damage by 25% and burglary by 50%.

You have the option to upgrade security to your COMPOISITE FRONT DOOR and COMPOSITE BACK DOOR by choosing the SBD upgrade. By choosing this option you will get the maximum security features that can be offered to a Standard Composite door. Glass will be upgraded to 6.4mm LAMINATE, a security Chain will get added along with a spy hole.

Door Key Chain

Security Upgrade Door Locks

When it comes to door security, our composite have a range of door locking features to ensure that they are as secure as possible giving you peace of mind in your home. If you would like any advice or assistance when it comes to door locks, we are happy to answer any questions.

Composite Door Security

Avantis Lock

Composite Door Security

Magnum Lock

Composite Door Security

Avantis Lock

Composite Door Security

Doorstop Ultion Cylinder Lock

Security Updates

Read through the following information on our security upgrade options. If you would like any advice, please get in touch.

composite door security

Composite Door Security – Yale Locking Systems

Our composite doors come with a Secure Upgrade Yale Door locking system as standard. This system benefits from multi-point locking and a high-performance six pin cylinder. These have both been tested to the enhanced standard.

Yale Keyless System – Upgrade to a Yale keyless entry system as seen below for an additional charge.

Yale Key Free Locks
Yale Key Free Locks
Yale Key Free Locks

Yale Multipoint Lock

The Yale multipoint lock is one of the most popular on the market. With multiple hook bolts, adjustable roller for a smoother fit, and deadlocking/night latch features, the Yale multipoint lock offers a high level of security against attack.

Composite Door Security Upgrades

In addition to the Yale Door locking system, you have the option to upgrade the security of your composite door by choosing the Security Upgrade in our composite door designer. This upgrade includes the extra security of:

composite door security glass

Laminated external glass

This is glass that has been fused with a sheet of plastic, so that when the glass is broken, a barrier remains to prevent access. It is also much stronger than standard glass so the amount of force to break the glass is much higher.

composite door security chain

Security chain

A security chain allows you to talk freely with callers and pass small packages without opening your home up to potential vulnerabilities.

composite door security spyhole

Spy hole

A spy hole allows you to see who is calling before opening your front door.